About the Game:

In Homebound, players take on the role of a brave astronaut facing a series of catastrophic events in the solitude of deep space, with nothing but nerves of steel and the ship’s AI to rely on for guidance.

When disaster strikes and the ship, out of control, begins hurtling towards Earth, their one mission is to make it out safely, and as fast as they can. Dead or alive -- you are Homebound.

About the Developer:

Quixel is a Swedish games and technology developer founded in 2011, renowned for their world class, cutting-edge computer graphics and technology tools by entertainment industries worldwide.

Quixel’s graphical prowess can be seen in the critically-acclaimed Hollywood blockbuster The Jungle Book, and in AAA game franchises such as Battlefield, Destiny, Halo, Doom, StarCraft and Dark Souls.

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